Cosmos Hosted Wallet (CHW)



The management of a COSMOS HOSTED WALLET is a very complex technical and security problem that involves at least 2 years of research and development of a team of 10 people. Time and money that most companies do not have.


Tradenet has already invested that time and money and has decided to offer its customers a COSMOS HOSTED WALLET service on a platform made safe with an HSM FIPS 140-3 and an SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) app inspired by the safety principles of the European Directive 2015/2366/EU (PSD2).


  • The customer has at his disposal a system of Registration, Login, and Forgot password as a normal web service.
  • The customer must download an SCA app with which he must authorize all operations framing a QR code
  • Private Keys for node operations via KMS are protected in an enclave in the HSM and usable ONLY by the customer
  • The tokens are on the COSMOS HOSTED WALLET ONLY managed by the customer through an OTP on an SCA APP
  • ONLY the customer can do Wallet  Operations from the COSMOS HOSTED WALLET independently with the OTP
  • The company that operates the platform will NEVER have access to the WALLET but can regenerate the keys for the customer
  • We provide your developers with an API interface to develop any web 3.0 application like any web 2.0 application


Tradenet after two years of research and development,  inspired by the safety principles of the European Directive 2015/2366/EU (PSD2) in the banking sector has transferred this Know-how into a platform for COSMOS HOSTED WALLET PLATFORM.

We propose to our customers a platform of HOSTED WALLET COMMERCE based on three distinct entities:

1 KMS + HSM + BASTION the secure enclave where the Wallet Management Software is hosted

1 FULL NODE  –  2 SENTRY NODESwhere the software of the COSMOS node is hosted

2 IDM with the OIDC standard where the customer registers, logs in and uses its COSMOS HOSTED WALLET

The first two components are not directly connected to the internet but only on a local network, the full node where you connect to 2 sentry node via VPN . Sentry node are on cloud connected on internet via peer 2 peer to COSMOS. We have provided an INTERNAL MONITORING system to have real-time information on the node health status to alert operators in case of downtime.




We have provided two options :

  • A) Hosted-Wallet-Platform We can provide a hosted appliance of COSMOS HOSTED WALLET with an all-inclusive annual fee
    B) Hosted-Wallet-as-service We can provide a COSMOS HOSTED WALLET service with a monthly fee + a cost per transaction


We have provided for two levels of assistance services:

  • C) Basic assistance available 8 hours a day x 5 days a week x 260 days a year with response times within 24 hours
  • D) Full  Assistance available 24 hours a day x 7 days a week x 365 days with a response time within 1 hour

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