How to create an NFT Token


Tokenization means investing in your future. We have the tools and experts you need to create an NFT token and wallet app on Blockchain



You can continue to do the same things hoping that something will change, or you can adopt new technological tools and aim towards the strategic innovation of your business model.

Tradenet is here to guide you, step by step, in the implementation of digital tools and technologies based on NFT tokenization, with basic components already developed and easily customizable to create a project quickly.


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The Third Generation of Blockchain



FoxDEX is the world’s most advanced exchange platform for fungible and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) maintained on a hosted digital wallet, built specifically for developers on the Blockchain


If you have an idea in mind of the problem you want to solve then it is possible to build a working prototype (POC ) of the NFT Token solution. We have created a working model to align technology investments with desired outcomes

By following our working model you will have:

  • Agility in the development process on blockchain focused on the user’s problem and not exclusively on the solution
  • Lower implementation costs for App development, API development and NFT Token Smart contracts development on Blockchain
  • Faster implementation time through the use of a fully parametric Blockchain software platform
  • Better alignment between different stakeholders through a common language focused on creating business value


Tell us your NFT Idea




The Third Generation of Electronic Identities



FoxID is the world’s most advanced interoperable verifiable credential and digital wallet platform, purpose-built for developers on the Blockchain


An electronic identity is like a footprint that each individual leaves on the activities they do online, the traffic they generate and the data they use. Identity is a service provided “for free” by American companies such as Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Apple and people have no real control over the use of their data and their profiling.


  • Portable Use your credentials wherever you go in the world. We use the universal W3C DID standard.
  • Verifiable Anyone can verify the authenticity of the credential instantly, independently and remotely.
  • Private “ZK” technology allows people to decide what is shared and with whom without leaving fingerprints.
  • Unalterable Electronic signatures on the blockchain on credentials ensure that they cannot be altered.


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We understand that making changes is difficult We all know that doing the same thing over and over again is reassuring..

But don’t worry, we’re here to guide you step by step. Evolving is the only way to survive!


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